February 15, 2024
Unshare Data on Glo

Unshare Data on Glo

Do you need to unshare data on glo sim card? Is your data finishing than expected due to the sharing activity? Read more on how to stop data sharing on glo SIM.

According to Glo, data is life and that’s why many Glo users tend to share data with their friends and family otherwise sharing life.

But sometimes your Glo data plan may not be enough for you to talk less about sharing it with someone else.

Hence bringing forth the idea of unsharing your data plan especially since you don’t have free airtime.

If you are here to learn how to unshare your Glo data plan then keep reading.

But first,

Why Unshare Your Data Plan on Glo?

Sharing is nice and all but, sometimes what you have may not be enough for you not to talk about sharing with someone else.

And most of the time, a friend might be using your data bundle carelessly, getting your Glo data plan exhausted quickly.

So before accusing a friend of exhausting your data plan, you have to check who is sharing your data plan, and to do that you need to follow the below steps:

They are 2 ways to check if a number is sharing your data plan

1. You can check who is sharing your data plan by sending an SMS with the word “List” to 127 or

2. You can also check who is sharing your data by darling *127*00#, and Glo popup with a list of all the numbers that are sharing your data bundles.

And if you don’t have any number sharing your data bundle be rest assured that Glo will indicate. Finally,

How to unshare data on Glo?

Just like checking for numbers data sharing your Glo data bundle, there are also two ways to remove or Unshare your Glo data plan.

1. You can head to your phone app and dial *127*02*The Number You Want To Unshare your data on glo from#

Example: *127*02*090123456789# and then hit send.

2. Go to your SMS and text “Remove [The Number You Want To Unshare your data from]” and send it to 127

Example: Go to your message app and type Remove 090123456789 when done send it to 127.


Sometimes it might take a while for Glo to unshare data plan on glo with those numbers.

But be rest assured that most of the time, it happens faster than expected.

So if nothing happens immediately you send those messages, keep calm and wait for a while then you might receive a success message from Glo that you have successfully removed a number from sharing your data plan.

Incase you have excess airtime, you can learn how to convert your airtime to cash and use it for other valuable things.

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