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Free Recharge Card Pin For All Networks In Nigeria


In this article, we have posted free recharge card pin for all Nigerian networks. This post will be updated frequently so you can always come back and check.

Each time the post is updated, we’ll post it on our Facebook Page so make sure you follow us on our Facebook Handle @cybertecharena to get it.

Below are the free recharge codes and their networks. Note that it is not all of them that will work; if another person as not loaded it.

Recent airtime will have a recent text written after it in a bracket.

If you didn’t get any today, register on this site and you will get airtime/data directly to your email at intervals. NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY FOR REGISTERED MEMBERS.

Free Recharge Card


  • 7094-2762-8493-9052
  • 4989-7364-0820-8306
  • 7661-8503-9632-7580

MTN 200

  • 4016-7560-1758-2780
  • 2691-6471-6999-6744
  • 1419-4189-3779-8652
  • 0926-4270-5918-7114
  • 2120-7352-1230-7525
  • 2120-7352-1103-1238
  • 0226-2730-1231-0232
  • 0790-8961-0815-0897


  • 0479-5134-8983-0569
  • 0226-1998-5590-3186
  • 0129-3118-3185-6552
  • 0260-1258-8010-7340
  • 0986-7203-2673-4000
  • 0279-1141-0752-9415

9mobile or Etisalat

  • 04221-01845-76040
  • 60180-50567-02925
  • 26948-34114-06891


  • 90422-08294-54532
  • 90422-08421-56222
  • 90422-04522-933499

If you couldn’t get any of the pins, you are permitted to try again any other day, especially on public holidays and celebrations.

Ensure that you don’t try more than three of these codes to avoid being blocked by your network provider.

The airtime and recharge codes/pins for MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and GLO in this post are fully sponsored by Cyber Tech Arena.

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