February 15, 2024

On Wednesday, Remedy Nwankwo, the founder of Skillar Academy revealed that a new affiliate system will be put in place on the platform. Skillar Academy updates promises to be great and helpful to creators as well as marketers.

According to the founder, creators and marketers will be able to sell out courses available on skillar and earn 20-50% commission on each successful course they sell.

The update for affiliate marketers will most likely take place on October 23, 2022 and will bring rise to lots of amazing features. Meanwhile, the time for creators updates has not yet been disclosed.

Updated Features For Marketers

  • Unique affiliate link per course.
  • Refer and earn more.
  • Withdraw earnings within straight to your Nigeria Bank account within 48 hours.
  • Access to unique systems and practical training.

Updated Features For Creators

  • Sign up, create and manage your services and knowledge all around the world.
  • Create and list courses in different formats, audios, videos, files, texts etc.
  • Sell courses in bundle.
  • Schedule live classes and sessions.
  • Accept payment worldwide and in any currency.
  • Award points to students to boost morale.
  • Redeem points.
  • Inbuilt chat system.
  • Question and Answer forum.

In the meanwhile, Remedy Nwankwo has left the other features undisclosed while noting that there will be 44 updated features for students, affiliate marketers and creators.

He stated that creators will be able to send and receive chats from their students across the globe.

He also disclosed that new students will be able to see old questions and answers on the forum to reduce the stress of answering a question twice.

Afterwards, the multi-millionaire founder shared a photo of himself eating gizzard and inviting keen viewers to join him.

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