February 15, 2024
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Scooper News is a trending and viral news app that brings recent news, hilarious videos, relevant articles and much more.

On the scooper news and post now app, you can share your videos, photos, stories, articles and experience with your fans and make your voice unique just like in the opera news app.

About Scooper News History

Scooper News was launched on January 18, 2019 by Transsion Holdings, the Organization that created Infinix, Tecno and Itel brands. Transsion Holdings being the parent company of Scooper and other notable brands was founded on 2016 in Hong Kong by George Zhu, a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer that focuses on businesses all over the continent.

How to Download the Scooper App?

Scooper App is now available worldwide to all continents but is mainly focused in African countries currently. It can be downloaded via PlayStore, APK download sites e.g. ApkPure, Uptodown, APKMonk, APKFun and few others.

To download scooper app via Google PlayStore, follow the following steps:

  • Open the Default PlayStore app by Google
  • Tap the search box located at the top of the screen
  • Type ‘Scooper News”
  • Click the search icon or simply hit the enter key
  • Click on Install
  • Wait for installation to be completed
  • Click enable
  • Click open to launch the app

If you want to use external sites to download Scooper App, you must trust the site to prevent your phone from contacting malwares and viruses; download at your own risk.

N/B: This site does not support downloads.

The Official Scooper Site

You can visit scooper’s official site by clicking here and their official mobile website by clicking here. You can express your thoughts through posts, comments, follow your favorite writers, message friends, update your profiles and post pictures and videos you wish to share with others in form of news, important updates, tips and memes.

Scooper News Registration: How to Register

To register for Scooper News, you can visit their official website and navigate to the sign-up section or simply do so by clicking this text. If you cannot find the sign-up section, you can click on the ‘Post’ button and you will be redirected to the sign-up page if you are not logged in.

You have three sign-up options, the first one which you will fill in your email address and password, the second one which you will be required to login via google and no password will be needed unless you are not signed into your Google account or you are using incognito browsing, the last option is to sign-up using Facebook which is similar to that of Google. If you use the first option, an email verification will be sent to you so make sure your email is working and active.

If you choose to use the Scooper App,

What is Scooper News Hub?

Scooper News Hub is simply the scooper platform where Scooper PGC writers and publisher’s news, articles etc. are published and readers view, read and comment ideas on them.

The hub connects the audience to the creators and makes Scooper news valuable and valued by readers.

How to Make Money on Scooper News

Do you know that you can write for scooper and earn money from scooper news?
Yes! You read that right!

To cash out from scooper, you first of all need to download the post now scooper app and become a scooper news content creator.

To register as a writer on scooper news, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Visit the Scooper PGC registration site to fill in the application form. To visit the site, you can simply click here.


Step 2

After the page has successfully loaded, you will be required to fill in your Full Name.

Note that the filled in name must be your real name and it must correspond with the name on your bank account.


Step 3

Select your Country.

This should be the country you are currently situated in for ease of payment.

Step 4

Input your phone number.

Input your valid and active phone number in the appropriate box then click the ‘SEND’ button to get your verification code.

You may have to exercise patience and wait for less than 5 minutes for the Verification code to arrive in your inbox.

Input the code correctly either by copying and pasting or typing it manually. Some phones might fill in the code automatically.

Step 5

Fill in your email address.

Ensure that the email address is active and can receive mails at any time. It could be a Gmail address, work mail or personal mail.

Note that Scooper might send updates, notifications, promotions etc. to your mail. It is preferably a Gmail address and Scooper may not accept any other type.

Step 6

Fill in your career / job type.

For example, Blogger, content writer, content creator, SEO writer / Editor etc.

Step 7

Narrate your writing experience.

This should be a short narrative and should contain your Job Title, Experience, Hope, Ambition, Skills and Closing note depending on your preference.

Step 8

Upload / Submit and Article or Video

If you want to become a Scooper Content writer, you’ll be needed to upload and submit a comprehensive and plagiarism free article which is the biggest determinant of whether or not you will be approved or not.

Note that your article format can only be submitted in word, pdf or text.

Do you wish to become an approved Scooper Content Video Creator? Then you’ll need to upload a comprehensive video that is made by you and is professional.

After this, you can quickly review the information you have written down and hit the submit button.


It is usually advisable to copy the writing experience to avoid data loss in the case of network failure while the article is being submitted and your article length should be more than 500 words with very minimal error to increase the chance of getting your account approved.

Applicants should note that is usually takes 2 days – 2 weeks for scooper to respond to every successful applicant.

How Much Does Scooper Per Article

Scooper’s pay $0.4 – $1.2 depending on your Grade.

Once your scooper postnow account is approved, you are eligible to post and earn money on Scooper.

As a new creator, you will be classified as a Grade C writer and be paid $0.8 with a minimum of 10 articles a day and 200 articles per month which will later be increased or decreased based on your performance credit score.

Scooper’s pay their writers on the 15th of every month and if the day falls on a weekend, it might be postponed to the next-working day. The dollar exchange rate for scooper is presently 450 naira per dollar and scooper process every Nigerian payment in naira and likewise for other countries.

Scooper Payment Per Article Grading Structure

Grade A – $1.2 per article
Grade B – $1 per article
Grade C – $0.8 per article
Grade D – $0.6 per article
Grade E – $0.4 per article

If you are at a grade lower than grade C, then you stand the risk of getting your account terminated.

If you are in grade A then you are safe meanwhile, the grades are accumulated each week and updated every Wednesday.

What is Scooper Minimum Payout?

Scooper’s minimum payout is $10.

This means that if a writer does not have up to $10 in a month, he will not be paid till he accumulates up to that amount.

How Do You Cash Out on Scooper?

After a successful approval, scooper will send an email where you will be required to fill in your bank details in a Google form.

Scooper uses the response in the Google form to generate payment for each writer in their own currency.

Please note, your bank detail must match your scooper account details to prevent delayed or cancelled payment which leads to wasted efforts. This measure has been put in place by scooper to avoid scammers from taking advantage.

Scooper / Post Now Publishing Rules and Regulations

It is important to note that every writer is now mandated to do the following for their contents to be approved on the hub.

  1. Add at least one video, whether original or not to each article. Videos can be gotten from YouTube then the video link can be inserted or you download and upload it.
  2. State the source of each news to prevent fake news publication.
  3. A minimum of 5 images per article to avoid short contents or articles on the blog and improve reading time.
  4. Each article length must be above or equal to 300 words or else the article can only be drafted and not published.
  5. No exaggeration of Headings (Catching Title / Headlines is strictly prohibited). This can increase the article click but scooper strictly warns against this.
  6. Don’t start an article with a heading or bold sentence. Instead, start with a brief introduction.
  7. For faster and easier approval, add a picture at the beginning of your content before any text or introduction.
  8. Rephrase your article well and revise it several times before submitting to ensure there is no grammatical mistake. Publishers are advised to use Grammarly for this.
  9. Ensure your images are clear and avoid uploading blurry images. To do this, get your images from Google or other sites with free to use images.
  10. If you use Android, click on the image and wait for it to get clear before downloading.
  11. Listicles are strictly prohibited. Don’t number your articles especially if you don’t have a special editor.

Is Scooper News Legit (Scam or Not)?

Yes, Scooper News is 100% legit and is not a scam.

This has been proven by the numerous monthly cash out of their content creators.


There’s no doubt that Scooper pays and there have been no report about it but you need to be consistent so you can reach the $10 threshold and note that they dish out their payments in NGN Naira, same with Opera.

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