February 14, 2024

Do you want to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab E? Are you looking for a Samsung Galaxy Tab E Review that is well descriptive and entails all the features and limitations of the phone? Here, we’ll be taking a first-hand review on the Galaxy Tab E.

The Galaxy Tab E was launched on June 2015 and is currently discontinued; Samsung has stopped its production and will no longer release updates and supports to the device.

Features and Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E as lots of features although a majority of them are outdated, let’s review most of its features.


It has a main camera and a selfie camera for taking both pictures and videos. The camera is sharp although somehow blurry unless the picture is taken in a good environment.

The front camera has 5 MP and a maximum video capacity of 720P@30fps and a selfie camera of 2 MP.

The camera is not recommended for those that will want to shoot videos or professional photos with it; try using another device with a higher version.


It has a good non-removable battery 5000 mAh which is the average capacity of most modern devices.

The battery last long; if its new, it could last up to 48 hours depending on what you use the phone for and on an average, it could last up to 24 hours.

However, it all depends on the type of app you are opening on the device if it’s a power-consuming app or not.

Android Version

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E uses android 4.4.4 which is a very low android version when compared to other phone and even tablets of its kind.

Having a low android version implies that some new and updated apps may stop working on the device and even if they work, they might crash often.


It has a total storage capacity of 8.00GB and the main system memory consumes about 2.81GB leaving just 5.19GB for the user.

It also has a SD card slot just in case you are running out of system memory so you can move some files to the external card.


It has a RAM of 1.5GB which is almost slow although the device doesn’t hang on most apps and still run smoothly when more than 5 applications are launched.


Generally, tablets are not portable due to the obvious fact that you cannot hold them with just one hand. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, it is light-weight and could easily be controlled with just one hand.


It has a very low internet strength and is using 2G / 3G which is outdated considering 5G has been released since a while ago.

The 3G network is however better and faster compared to the average 3G network of similar devices.

5G – No

4G – No

3G / 2G – Yes

GSM / HSPA – Yes

WLAN – Yes

Bluetooth – Yes (version 4.0 / 4.1)

Radio – No

USB – MicroUSB 2.0

SIM Slot – 1

Video calls – No

Screen recorder – No


It has a relatively loud speaker embedded in it; to make the speaker volume louder when watching videos, try installing the VLC media player and increase the volume to the maximum of 200.


Normally, all Samsung devices are strong, the same implies to the Samsung Galaxy Tab E. The tablet screen is though and doesn’t break easily; it still works when there is not too much of a deep crack.

When compared to other devices of its kind, Samsung Galaxy Tab E has proven to be 50% stronger than the others.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Price

It is currently going for about 45,000 to 90,000 in Nigeria. If you want to purchase it at a cheaper price, you can visit Jiji and order for one; note that it might be fairly used although all conditions should be stated there.

Meanwhile, in the US and UK it is $80 – $100 and is very difficult to find because it is out of stock.

Is Samsung Galaxy Tab E Recommended for Kids?


It is not recommended for kids because most of their games and even educative apps may fail to run thereby forcing them to look for an alternative. The storage space might also be too little to contain all of a child video.

Also, it does not come with kids’ protection and parents tracking; even if you were to install and app that offers those features, the app might not work.


Try buying an updated Tablet, there are lots of other Samsung Tablets and even non-tablets devices that are cheap, good and have up-to-date technology with a better android version. When looking for devices to buy, you can follow our guide.

If you don’t have enough money to spend or this Tablet fits your budget, you can just manage it for now or try opting for a non-tablet device as they tend to be cheaper.

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