February 15, 2024
Online pending payment issue

Online pending payment issue

Ever paid for something online and then the online system still shows that you haven’t paid? If yes, then you are lucky to be reading this post so make sure you read through thoroughly.

My Experience with Online Pending Payment Issue and Advice

If you are having any current pending payment issue when you have already paid for a product or service online, you can contact their customer service and make sure you have your proof of payment (Receipts) etc.

The current pending payment issue mostly happens when you use the Bank Transfer Payment Method which we would be going through in this article.

Let’s use Intech Cloud Hosting as an example.

I bought a one year hosting plan from Intech Cloud Hosting using the Bank Transfer payment method.

When I went back to the service (hosting service) the payment was still showing pending which made me so worried that I started panicking and thinking of what to do next then I thought of an idea which am going to reveal in this post.

How to Solve Your Pending Payment Issue Online?

  1. Get a receipt of payment or any proof of payment.
  2. Contact their customer support.
    Tell them that you have a payment issue and state the issue. You could tell them, I paid for “cloud hosting” for example and it still shows payment pending.
  3. Immediately send the receipt and other proof of payment to them.

They’ll tell you to wait for some time so try your best to be as patient as possible. It usually takes 15 – 30 minutes’ maximum.

After the support give you a response and confirm your payment, go back to the service or product page and refresh. It should now be showing paid.

What if the Payment Status Doesn’t Change?

If the payment status doesn’t change, make sure you refresh the page and you are not viewing an older version of the page.

If the issue still persists, contact the customer support as fast as possible or create a support ticket and make sure to state that the issue is urgent. From there, check your mail for any response.

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