February 15, 2024

Remedy Nwankwo is a Lawyer and Blogger based in the city of Abuja, Nigeria. He is known for his Gifted Blogging Skills and Amazing Earnings from his blogs and is currently rated as one of the richest and successful blogger in Nigeria.

He is called the Zaddy of Abuja and wishes to see others acquire digital skills and excel in it which is why he created an amazing digital skill earning platform, Skillar Academy.

Remedy’s blog, Skillar, is available to people in all countries and continents and has currently hosted more than 5000 students with more than 200 successful students.

In this article, we’ll look at Remedy Nwankwo Background, Age, Career and Net worth.

Remedy Nwankwo Background, Early Life

Remedy Nwankwo was born in August 8, 1992 in Ihotor Ameka, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

He attended both primary and secondary schools in his hometown – Ebonyi State.

He is single.

Educational Background and Life Experience

remedy nwankwo biography

Remedy Nwankwo did not come from a rich background but he never allowed that to weigh him down or discourage him. His Parents could not see him through his education but he strived hard, sponsored himself in school.

He had to leave Ebonyi State, his hometown to Anambra State where he started hustling. He hawked on the street, engaged in menial jobs and tried everything possible including learning digital skills to raise enough money to complete his education.

After two years in Anambra State, Remedy Nwankwo relocated back to his hometown to attend university.

He has always been so smart and intelligent that he aced his JAMB UTME in one sitting. In 2012, he was given admission on merit to study Law at Ebonyi State University.

In 2017, he successfully acquired his law degree. He was admitted into Nigerian Law School in the same year.

In 2018, he passed the Bar’s finals. He was then called as a solicitor to the Nigerian Bar and as an Advocate of the Supreme Court.

In 2019, he left law to practicing blogging. He decided to grow his social presence from 2019 and he’s still working on it.

In 2022, he founded his Online Academy named Skillar Academy. He built Skillar to empower young professionals all over the world and enable them acquire digital skills.

Since Remedy launched Skillar Academy, it has grown and now has over 4000 students from all over the globe. Skillar’s courses creators are known to be top notch and taught by successful people.

Scholarships Won

During Remedy’s period of studying law, he won 4 scholarships and graduated with flying colours. This motivated him to write a free book in 2016 titled “16 secrets on how to win multiple scholarships” and create a scholarship site to help people get scholarships easily.

The 4 Scholarships That Remedy Won Include:

  1. Ebonyi State Government Scholarship Award
  2. NNPC/Chevron National Scholarship
  3. MUSTE Scholarship
  4. Hillcity Foundation ESP Scholarship

To get Remedy’s free book, you can visit his blog, Scholarship Arena.

Remedy Nwankwo Occupations

Blogging Career

Remedy Nwankwo started blogging in 2016 till date.

His first and major blog is Scholars Arena (.net).

At first, his earnings were small but he kept on pushing for almost three years till he started making huge amounts of cash from his blog. Presently, he trains bloggers from the beginner level to a pro level and has more than 100 successful students.

Till date Remedy Nwankwo is the only blogger in Africa to sell a blogging course to more than 1,600 students from over 13 countries within 14 days and without a paid advertisement.

Vlogging Career

Apart from blogging and his websites, Remedy Nwankwo has a passion for making content videos. He posts on his YouTube channel to provide free blogging course for beginners.

There have been many testimonies from his students of how they are now experts in blogging after taking both his free and paid courses on blogging and other digital skills.

Net Worth

In past years, Remedy Nwankwo makes $1000 (500,000 Naira) for his blogging mentorship program but has suspended taking any personal student till further notice.

Remedy also earns more than thousands of dollars from his blog each month and sometimes earns up to $1000 in a day.

He earns lots of money from his online academy, skillar academy.

Additionally, Remedy Nwankwo owns fine cars and properties in top areas of Abuja and some other places in Nigeria.

Social Handle

You can follow Remedy on Facebook with his handle @Remedy Nwankwo and currently has 42,000 followers with an average of 1000 likes on his posts.

Remedy Nwankwo Blogs / Websites

It is popularly known that Remedy Nwankwo has lots of websites which some are hidden and some are known. Let’s reveal a few of his blogs:

  • Scholars Arena
  • Scholarship Ground

Remedy Nwankwo Friends

  • Kel Armstrong Amobi
  • Ajax Excel
  • Babatunde Akin-Moses
  • Favy Chisimdi
  • Amanda Sylvia
  • Mercy Okeke
  • Meziem Desire
  • Vincent Chukwuma
  • Okafor Mary Cynthia
  • Prince Gabriel Okocha
  • Victor Effiong

Motivational Quotes and Lessons to Learn from Remedy Nwankwo Biography

  • No matter your background, you can make it in life.
  • Don’t just help people, teach them how to be self-reliant.
  • We rise by lifting others.
  • Whatever works must be worked out.
  • Digital skills paying in dollars is the new oil.
  • Consistency is key.
  • The world is your stage, perform.
  • Anybody can become anything on the internet.
  • Don’t be ashamed of what’s gainful.
  • Don’t write off before you start.
  • Never look down on your legitimate hustle.
  • Don’t wait for tomorrow, start it today.

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