February 15, 2024
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Opera Mini is a multi-browser that provides access to the internet. It was made by Opera and supports fast browsing, free browsing, fast downloads and others.

The Opera Mini app is currently available to users in all regions of the world and can run on Android, iPhones, Laptops, Desktops and much more.

The Opera Mini app requires 10 – 40 megabytes of storage memory and detects the user country to personalize the app’s news feed in a way that it will benefit the user, this feature filters and shows trending stories in the user area.

The Opera Mini app also has an inbuilt language translator which allows users to change their language.

The main disadvantage of the Opera Mini app in contrast with Scooper News is that a user cannot search for news or stories unless it is on their feed; opera news added this feature.

How to Download the Opera Mini App Safely?

To Download and Install Opera Mini on your device safely, you can download it through Google PlayStore or Apple Store, these are the safest way to get the app without any harm. If you are making use of a Desktop, Laptop or related devices, you can safely download it through Microsoft Store.

Opera Mini Download APK

If you need to download the raw file or APK version of the Opera Mini app, you can use apkpure, uptodown, androidapksfree, opera official site, appsapk and other APK download sites.

Opera News Review

Opera News is a Breaking-News App owned by Opera. Opera News is an extension of Opera Mini which is focused solely on delivering local news, global news, updates and other relevant articles including how to make your health better.

Opera News Hub

Opera News hub is a platform created by Opera where Creators Create articles, share them to millions of readers and earn from readers engagement.

Opera News Publishers use this platform to Earn and are being paid per article with a bonus per performance.

How to Sign Up / Register for Opera News Hub

To sign up / register to be a publisher on Opera News Hub, you don’t necessarily need a Certificate or work experience but you must have a valid Opay Account which you can easily open in minutes using our ultimate guide. To successfully sign up for Opera News Hub and be a Publisher you need is to follow the following steps:

  • Visit hub.opera.com website
  • Scroll Down
  • Click on the Login / Sign-Up red button
  • Select your preferred login option. Login with either Facebook or Google.
  • Wait for the page to load.
  • Login to the selected account.
  • Attach a photo. It could be a photo of yourself or any other thing.
  • Skip the Username selection at this time.
  • Select your Country of residence.
  • Type in your username.
  • Select your preferred Category. This should be the Category you wish to write on. It could be politics, public safety, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, relationships, parenting, health & fitness, business, economy, religion, career & jobs, society news, education, fashion, technology, vehicles, food & drinks etc.
  • Attach another photo. This will be your profile photo.
  • Write a short biography of yourself. This could include your favorite quote, interest, hobbies etc.
  • Write your First Legal Name.
  • Write your Legal Surname / Last Name.
  • Type in your email. Preferably a Gmail address.
  • Fill in your valid phone number.
  • Fill in your valid Opay account number.
  • Fill in your ID Card number. If you have a National Identification Number (NIN) you could make use of it.
  • Fill in your referral code if you have any.
  • Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions then hit the confirm button at the right bottom of the page.

Which one Should You Download – Opera Mini or Opera News

Well, I will prefer to recommend Opera News to someone that needs it mainly for news, stories and just to read articles but if you want to read all those and still use the browsing feature to check something on Google conveniently then you should go for Opera Mini.

However, if you love reading articles and would love to search for suggested articles by their name then you should immediately go for the Opera News app.

The both app also have a section where you can watch hilarious videos to lighten up your day.

Is Opera News Hub A Scam?

No, opera news hub is not a scam but most of their writers and publishers complain that their payment is too small and feel that they are being cheated on

Due to this experience which started at the ending of year 2020, many of the hub’s writers including their top, notable and award winning writers have quit and left opera to another Job. This has led past writers to thinking that Opera News Hub is now a scam and not trustworthy.

Opera News Hub Writers Complaints

Current writers of the platform are currently experiencing article too much and unnecessary rejections and sometimes even when their articles are being rejected, they see it on the hub and are not paid for it; this cannot be a glitch in the system but is supposed to be a method of exploiting writers.


Opera news is not a scam but there have been rumors that they are trying to exploit their writers by not paying them. As a proof to back up the allegation, most of their writers including their top writers have stopped writing for them

It is believed that they don’t have the money to pay their writers for now, however, these allegations are only common to Opera Nigeria and does not pose much impact on their writers in other countries.

If you are looking for an alternative to Opera News as it seems that they have crashed for now in some countries, you could try Scooper News.

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