February 14, 2024
Social Earn Review

Social Earn Review

Social Earn is a self-claimed online community and earning website with millions of affiliates around the world.

It has been claimed that these affiliate companies that Social Earn is supposedly associated with are interested in surveys by real humans.

Here, we’ll do a thorough review on Social Earn and answer the question; “is social earn scam or legit”. After reading through this article, you will know if the site is worth your time and effort.

You might have been hearing about the Social Earn site (socialearn.co) for some while now and some unverified testimonials about people earning from the site. If you are wondering if the testimonials are fake or scam, read more in this article.

How to Earn on Social Earn

You earn by taking surveys, inviting friends, testing free apps, games, softwares and more. You also earn $25 by signing up successfully and $10 or more on every user you successfully refer to register on the site.

You earn $2 per click when you share your invite or referral link which is unique to only you and $12 per register through the link.

You have instant access to your money at any time and it can be gotten through Bitcoin, Cashapp, PayPal, Venmo and more.

Is Social Earn Scam or Legit?

Social Earn is a scam. It is not a legit earning site.

It has been a popular phenomenon that there will be no food for a lazy man, the same applies to this.

Proof that Social Earn is a Scam

Firstly, the main text of the headline on their homepage is similar to that of other popular scam sites. They just tweaked their templates and the other designs of the site.

Secondly, if it is real, their earning process will not be easily tweaked. You can share each of your link using incognito browsing and keep on clicking on it with your earnings increasing.

Thirdly, according to information gotten from WHOIS, Social Earn was registered on September 14, 2021 and few months after they claimed that over 10 million people from all around the world registered on the site which proves that it is fake.

The 4th proof, is that the date of most of the testimonials are before the month the website was even made or introduced which shows that they have been faked.

The 5th proof is that it is not recognized by Google and other popular search engines.

Lastly, most of its users complained that they have not received their earnings although it still says under review or awaiting approval even after the expected approval date. Other users who claimed to have earned from it might have been paid for the fake testimony or the document might have been edited.


As earlier said, Social Earn is fake and should not be trusted. Don’t waste your time on the site. Also, nothing good comes free, if you must earn, do it in a legit way and with your time and effort.

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