February 15, 2024
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In this article, we’ll be discussing on the Facebook tips that every Facebook user should know and be familiar with.

1. It can be used as a money making platform

While many Facebook users use the platform to cruise, few users are using it to their advantage. Some users have made from thousands to millions using Facebook and this is not surprising due to its large audience.

Use Facebook to make money and not to make fun.

2. You can get strong connections

It is not only on LinkedIn that you can get connections. You can also make strong connections on Facebook that can help you financially and mentally, all you have to do is to optimize your Facebook profile.

3. It is under-rated.

Facebook is under rated and most people think that it is of no use. This is nearly true because more than 70 percent of Facebook users use the platform for jokes, gist’s, gossips and news.

Meanwhile, few others have used it to their advantage.

4. Lots of people on Facebook are under-aged

There are lots of under-ages users, spammers and attackers on Facebook compared to other social media platform. This shows how the platform is weak in spotting this.

5. Two-Factor Authentication

It is important for you to setup the 2fa for your account to prevent loss of access of your pages or even account.

This makes sure that even if an attacker manages to get access to your account password, he will need a One Time Passcode (OTP) to complete the login. All you have to do is never share your OTP even to external websites.

6. Facebook Lite is Mostly Used Compared to the Original

Yes, most Facebook users have been discovered to love the Facebook lite app compared to the original app because of its light weight, small memory size and little resemblance to the Facebook app.

7. Facebook is not Biased

There has been a rumor that Facebook is biased and this could be due to the variance in monetization requirements and features.

This may have occurred due to the legal agreement made with Facebook and each country.

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