February 15, 2024
How to Generate Effective Idea for Blog Post

How to Generate Effective Idea for Blog Post

Are you out of contents for your blog? Do you need to create content but have no idea what to create? Are you looking for idea for blog post on your site? Here, we’ll highlight how you can easily generate effective ideas for your blog post.

Looking for ideas can be stressful when blogging especially when you don’t have enough resources to get premium keyword research tools. Examples of those tools are ubersuggest, semrush, ahref and the likes.

Let’s go straight to the point,

How to Get Idea for Blog Post

You can get idea for blog post using two major methods; paid and free. In the paid method, you will need to purchase a premium tool meanwhile, you can make use of free tools in the free methods.

1. Inspiration

For most people, writing a blog post is not all about ranking, research, CPC, traffic and all that. They tend to write only when their spirit is lifted. This kind of people tend not to monetize their blog as they are blogging for passion only.

In other cases, you might be doing something or maybe just thinking of something then an idea for blog post suddenly pops into your mind. You should do well to jot this down so that you won’t forget about it later.

When you feel like giving up or feel there is no blog post to write about, read niche-related books or posts, motivational quotes and engage in meditation, exercises and the likes. During this process, an idea for blog post will surely pop up.

3. Keyword Research

There are different kind of research that you can do to fetch an idea for your blog post and the most effective type is the keyword research.

In this method, you turn you research on your idea, refine it and check out how to shape it to get more traffic out of it.

For example, of you think of “The Best Places to Get a Smart Watch” or you get inspired to write on it. When you do a keyword research you might find out that it has a small search volume compared to “Best Online Stores to Get a Smart Watch” then you use that keyword instead.

This is the power of keyword research, it makes your article more focused and revolved around a centralized keyword yet paying attention to other related-keywords.

4. Question and Answer

You might engage your visitors with some questions that they will like to be answered then write some few words about it.

This can be done in forums, social media, WhatsApp TV’s, Google docs etc.

Where to Get Idea for Blog Post

Finally, we know how to get idea for our blog posts but what if I told you there’s an easier way to do that.

1. Google Question Hub

This is a platform that was launched by Google and has been a huge help to readers, researchers and publishers. These help webmasters to create unique contents that have been left unanswered.

Readers submit a question that cannot be found on Google search engine to Google Question Hub then publishers create contents on it and then submit it to Google.

This way, the SERPs will be filled up with lot of useful contents and will help users to find more information about a query.

2. Google Trends

This is yet another platform by Google that helps webmasters and publishers to find and create articles based on their trends.

It indicates how a topic trends globally and in different countries. It is highly competitive so is therefore helpful to blogs with high Domain Authority before Google Helpful Content update.

3. Social Media

You can set up a question and answer post using your personal profile or blog page.

Here, viewers will be required to ask any question about a specific topic or surrounding a niche then you’ll turn their questions to keywords and write great contents on it.

4. Forums

It is very often for questions to be unanswered on a forum however, you can check forums comment section or post titles, copy texts from them and conduct a proper keyword research.

5. Ahref or Ubersuggest

These two platforms are great and have keyword generators however, ahref keyword generator is free but ubersuggest only offers its users free usage three times per day.

To access their keyword generators or keyword suggesting tool, you can simply type ahref or ubersuggest on Google search box.

If the methods in this article are well implemented, you should be able to easily generate idea for blog post easily.

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