How To Run Facebook Ads With Low Cpc
How to Run Facebook Ads With Low CPC

How to Run Facebook Ads With Low CPC

Lots of advertisers most especially the small business owners have complained of high CPC and low return on investment (ROI). Here, we’ll shed some light on how to run Facebook ads with low CPC.

Note that the information here are practical and have been tried and tested by lots of experts and beginners advertisers. Lots of people pay for this information by we are giving it free so try to share the article to those in need of it.

Before you start learning how to lower your Facebook ad, you need to know that Facebook use a metrics called quality score to charge you. The quality score is from 1 – 10, if you have the quality score from 1 – 7, Facebook will charge you high, if you have from 8 – 10, Facebook will charge you low.

How to Run Facebook Ads With Low CPC

1. Don’t use image, use video.

When you are using your video, it shouldn’t be an ordinary video, it should be a catchy video that will catch people attention because the more people interact with your ad, the less Facebook charges you.

For example, if your ad is shown to 1000 viewers and 80% of them see your ad and don’t react anything or interact at all but if your video is interactive, they will most likely watch your video. If they watch your video, Facebook will charge you less.

You can go to TikTok, find a video with a lot of views and shares which implies that people like the video. If you use this kind of video, people will surely watch, like and comment on the video and if they do, Facebook will charge you less.

Use a video with more than 1000 shares and have in mind that the video does not have to relate with your ad. You will have to use your description to relate what your ad is about to people. The main purpose for using the video is to catch their attention so when you are able to catch their attention, Facebook will charge you less.

2. Make it clear to the viewers that they should click your link.

If you are in the mobile phone niche and you need people to visit your blog, tell them that they should click your link, the more people click on your link, the less Facebook charge you.

3. Ads placement.

When setting your placement, ensure that you exclude Instagram and Messenger placement. If you include it, Facebook will charge you high.

4. Use a call to action button.

Facebook will provide you with lots of action button but as a blogger, you should use the “Learn more” button so if people click on it, it will land them on your blog.

5. Set daily budget to the lowest value.

When creating your ads, set your daily budget to be the lowest value, if you wish to spend more in the future, you should note that you won’t receive a good CPC immediately after you start running ads; a good CPC comes after like 8 hours.


Let’s recap, edit your placements, add the recommended call to action button, set daily budget and not maximum budget, add a catchy video to draw viewers attention.

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