February 15, 2024
How to Solve the AdManager Signup Error

How to Solve the AdManager Signup Error

If you are experiencing an error when you want to signup for Google AdManager, then you will love to focus on this article. Here, we’ll be looking at the how to solve the AdManager signup error and the possible cause of the problem. Don’t worry, we’ll make this short, direct and update this article as new information comes up.

Causes of AdManager Signup Error

If you see a message in Ad Manager stating ‘Our engineers have been notified of an error,’ it indicates that you have unresolved issues with Google. These issues are currently blocking your access to Google Ad Manager.

Effects of AdManager Signup Error

If you wish to use Ezoic or any other Google Ad Partnering companies like Mediavine, your application will be rejected since they cannot collaborate with websites that have unresolved issues with Google. If you still wish to continue monetizing with these platforms, you must resolve any outstanding policy issues with Google.

Ensure that you are not violating any of Google’s policy. If you are, then find out the policy that you are violating and resolve the issue. You can find a comprehensive list of Google’s publisher policies here.

How to Solve the AdManager Signup Error

To resolve the AdManager signup error, ensure you follow the below steps and take them as checklists. We’ll update the steps as new information arise.

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Having the Google AdManager signup error is not a dead end and is in fact an opportunity for you to review Google’s policy and ensure you comply to avoid future problems. However, if you follow the methods above carefully, you should get the issue resolved easily.

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