February 15, 2024
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In this article, we will be highlighting on the possibility of screen recording your PC for videos, guides etc. without the use of an external app; using built-in apps.

Most computer users are unaware of the fact that there is a built-in screen recording feature in PowerPoint.

Without a doubt, you should have Microsoft Office and PowerPoint on your PC but if you need the screen recorder to work very smooth, you should try getting updated versions.

Step 1

Right click on any desktop or file manager, click new then click on Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.

This process launches the app but you can launch it using other methods.


Step 2

Rename the app to any name of your choice preferably ‘Screenrecord’.pptx then Launch the app.

After launching, make sure you use Ctrl + A to highlight all items then delete to clear them.

Step 3

Navigate to the insert menu and click on the screen record icon at the right side of the menu bar.


Step 4

Turn Audio on if you want to record audio and switch the ‘record pointer’ feature on or off depending on your preference.


Step 5

To start your first PowerPoint record, click on select area and map out the areas that you want to be shown in your video.

You can select your entire screen or a particular point. After the selection, click record.


Step 6

After you have finished your recording, you can press win + shift + q at the same time to end the recording.


This method of recording can be used in almost all versions of PC that have a good version of Microsoft PowerPoint unlike the Game Bar.

The other advantage of using this method of recording is that it records clearly and in high-quality and is completely free.


How to Screen Record Using the Built-In Game Bar

In latest versions of Windows and PC’s, there is a built-in Game Bar that can be used to Screenshot and Record Games.

To use the Game Bar, enter the game or program you want to record. If it isn’t a game, just tick the bar that says “Yes, this is a game” and go on with your recording.

Sadly, this feature is not available for Windows 7 OS and earlier versions of Windows OS.

If you want to use other methods of recording, you can download apps like Bandicam and the likes.

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