February 14, 2024
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This article will highlight the specific steps and action to be taken and will teach you how to optimize your Facebook profile for better engagement and discovery.

Note that the steps in this cannot be applied directly for Facebook pages.

It is rather more effective in getting useful friends that will contribute to your growth and development in your area of specialization just like in Linkedin.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Profile

Step 1

Before, starting out your Facebook Profile optimization, you should take note of the following as this will increase your profile visibility:

  1. Use your real name.
  2. Add your nickname.
  3. Create a portfolio.
  4. Edit your bio to include what you do e.g. Blogger.
  5. Add a link to your portfolio or blog and make it visible.
  6. Add your state of origin and residence.
  7. Add a professional profile picture and cover photo.
  8. Delete useless posts on your timeline.
  9. Add your contact info.

Note that your bio should not include your phone number, email address or something fun.

Step 2

Add friends that are in your field and fields related to it. For example, if you are a blogger, add bloggers, freelancers, vloggers, creators, writers and others.

You can also add few others that are not in your niche for some purposes but if their posts are too odd, feel free to unfollow them; not unfriend.

Automatically, you follow all your friends which makes you to see their posts on their news feed. To unfollow any friend, click the friend profile, click the friends icon and tap unfollow. Do this for all friends that you wish and is not in your related niche.

Now, we have filtered our news feed and will only see feeds and posts that will build our knowledge.

Step 3

Leave all the groups that are not related to your niche or useful to you in any way. Although the first step has overridden the groups feed to some extent, it is necessary to purge those groups.

Step 4

Now, it is the time to add, create or repost useful contents on your profile. This will make more friends accept you and even send your friends requests.

You need to dish out quality contents to your new audience.

Quality contents puts the impression that you are a serious individual and will make potential employees to find, notice you and employ you for a job, contract and service.

Step 5

Conduct giveaways. You could do an airtime giveaway, if you don’t like dishing out giveaways in that form, you can do a course giveaway.

Create a course, give a pre-launch discount and watch your audience grow more.

Step 6

Add more friends till you reach the friend’s limit or your desired limit then convert your friends button to follow button and watch your audience increase further.

Step 7

After your audience has grown massively, you are advised to create a custom Facebook page.

Invite your friends and tell your followers to follow the page. Dish out similar contents on the page while keeping your account active. You can post the same contents on both your profile and your page.

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How to Find Friends in Your Niche

At first, you need to do it manually by checking each person bio and post to see if it correlate with your niche or other related niche.

After getting up to 100 friends, you can check their own friends and add the ones on your niche.

After repeating this method, Facebook will suggest friends related to your niche and you can also check your friend suggestion. Also, others in your niche will send you friend requests.

When using Facebook suggestion, it is advised to add people based on the mutual friends; add friends that have 15 or above mutual friends and they will likely be in your niche and accept your friend request.

Benefits of Optimizing Your Facebook Profile

It is well known fact that a lot of Facebook users fail to understand that Facebook is not just for fun, memes, posts, motivation etc.. Meanwhile, few Facebook users have also used this method unknowingly and you too can apply it.

Facebook Profile optimization gives room for the following:

  1. Optimizing the Facebook app can help in moving you forward to the next level by having like-minded people all around you.
  2. This method will automatically customize your news feed and you’ll probably be seeing things that you love and related to what you are doing on your news feed.
  3. It improves your visibility and makes it easier for you to get a Job offer on Facebook.
  4. It Eliminates distractions and keep you focused on your goals and objectives.

Disadvantage of Optimizing Your Facebook Profile

Sadly, this might be the only way to optimize your Facebook profile and the most effective yet fast method. It is said that everything has a disadvantage and you might be wondering the disadvantage of Facebook profile optimization.

Let’s look at few of the disadvantages below:

  1. Exposure to strangers and unknown people.
  2. Prone to attacks by cyber hackers.

However, we have included some safety measures to take when optimizing your Facebook  profile.

Safety Measures to Take When Optimizing Your Facebook Profile

  1. Ensure that the phone number and email address included in your Facebook profile details is not the same as the one used to login.
  2. Don’t include your personal home address instead, include your business or company address if there is any.
  3. Avoid physically meeting anyone you meet online and be careful if it is really important to meet them. Ensure to notify your family members and friends. Don’t meet them in a quite environment and probably go with someone you are familiar with.

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