February 14, 2024
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LinkedIn optimisation is the process of making sure your profile represents you in the best possible way.

It’s helps you build your personal brand, increases your chances to get a job, stand out in interviews and eventually become an influencer.

It is very important to understand what you are on LinkedIn and why you are on LinkedIn.

How to Optimize Linkedin Profile for Recruiters

  1. Choose a strong profile picture: It must show the best version of yourself in the best possible way.
  2. Utilise the background photo: Make good use of the background/cover photo and ensure it looks professional and attractive to the audience,
  3. Use a smart profile headline: Headlines help you in researches. How your profile ranks during searches depends on how optimised your profile is and also how active you are.
  4. Feel your about action: Whatever you are doing is a function of what you want so feel free to indicate it in your about section. If you don’t need a job feel free to indicate it.
  5. Show off your skill: Ensure that you make your skills known to the public as this might increase recruiters interests in you.
  6. Putting your educational background: Recruiters love to know the qualification of who they want to hire. You should put this to make recruiters to be attracted to your profile.
  7. Edit your profile URL: This is very important for customization and makes your profile look more professional.
  8. Record your name pronunciation.
  9. Kick off properly by writing, sharing and engaging: This should be prioritized as it fully determines your audience, who they are, their number and other factors.
  10. Profile video is also a new function that helps you put yourself out there.

Importance of LinkedIn visibility

LinkedIn visibility is very important because someone who comes across your profile like to see what you have been doing before.

How to Improve LinkedIn visibility

  1. Carve a niche for yourself in personal branding. Make sure that your about page aren’t just fancy titles.
  2. Become an expert and only go to person when your industry is involved.
  3. Leverage the act or technique of storytelling.
  4. Consistency: to be consistent doesn’t mean every day, twice a week works. For a starter, just know what works for you.

Forms of Content

  1. Text based content/post: Test based without image don’t do well.
  2. Text plus image post.
  3. Video content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to post your online programs (the one you have done)?

Yes. I am happy to announce that people do very well on LinkedIn when they post certificates, new jobs, finished degrees and graduations etc.

What I the best time to start connection request?

Connection requests are most likely done when you are still new on the platform. the same way everyone wants to connect with the best of people is the same way you should want to connect with the best of people. Your network is your net worth so be watchful and intentional about your networking.

At What age can I start my LinkedIn Profile?

You can start at any age as long as it doesn’t breech LinkedIn terms of service. There is an advantage to starting things on time, when you are young and know what you are doing.

What if I don’t have a groomed skill, can I show by hobbies?

You can use your hobbies to improve your post on LinkedIn. Start showing something, it doesn’t exactly have to be profession and strive to be a person who inspires someone. Everyone has experiences you just have to look at yourself and discover them.

What does the number in front of people names indicate?

If you are directly connected to your friend, that is a 1st degree connection.
If both of you have mutual friends, that is a 2nd degree connection.
So 1, 2 and 3 in front of people names indicates a connection chain.

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