February 15, 2024
How often should you blog

How often should you blog

Lots of bloggers especially those that are novice or just starting out ask this common question; How often should you blog in a day? Here, we’ll be sharing some tips and guidelines on this.

I also had this issue when I first started blogging but I think that there should be no limit to the number of post you make on your blog in a day however, it should be regulated and distributed evenly.

How to Determine The Number of Posts You Should Make On Your Blog

On a norms, someone can make a lot of article just in one day but you should ask yourself these questions. Is it original? Is it helpful to my audience? Does it drive traffic? Does it attracts visitors? Are my articles SEO friendly and are they clear of blunders? Will I have these same opportunity to post a lot if articles tomorrow or next week?

Once you answer those questions, you should have a glimpse at what I’m heading to. I’m going to focus and lay more emphasis on the last question.

When writing articles for your site, you should consider the time you will post it to ensure regularity. This will give your loyal readers and subscribers the assurance that more information is coming in at a particular time or at least once a day.

From my observation, if your blog is updated with lots of articles in a day, Google crawlers will start crawling more from that day; may not happen if the blog was very dormant before. Meanwhile, of you don’t post the next day, it will still be crawled more but the blog will experience a tremendous decrease in the crawling rate the following day.

You should come up with a posting plan for you and your team and ensure that they stick to it. The advantage of this is that when you post repeatedly at a given time interval, google spider crawlers may observe that time and crawl your site more at that time.

Expert Answer – How Often Should You Blog?

I’ll recommend that you should blog at least once a day (1 article at least) if you don’t have regular chances of writing and posting.

If by any chance you get an extra opportunity to write more than 1 article on any day, you are advised to do so but don’t publish the article. You should write, edit and draft it or schedule it for another day.

For example, if you write three articles today, publish one and schedule or draft the other two for the next two days or you publish two and leave one.

The advantage of not posting everyday is to distribute your articles evenly so they day you don’t have chance to post maybe you are sick or even out of network, your blog will still be up and running.

The main problem that still hunts every blogger is when they don’t know what to post. If you fall under this category, you can learn how to get ideas for your blog post as a newbie.

Advantage of Posting Frequently on Your Site

1. Avoids wasteful crawling.

2. Increases the engagements of users, visitors and subscribers.

3. Improves ranking and indexing time.

4. Decreases bounce rate.

5. Increases your site backlink.

6. Increase

Disadvantages of Not Posting Frequently on Your Site

1. Makes crawling useless.

2. Decreases your users engagement time.

3. Increases bounce rate.

4. No change in ranking.

5. Posts will take a longer time to index.


Avoid leaving your blog idle and try to set out a day to draft multiple articles especially on Holidays, it may be hard and boring at first bu when you start making money out of it, it’s going to be amazing.

Also note that a regular audit and updating of your blogs article is important to ensure that you are not dishing out outdated contents.

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