February 15, 2024
Unshare Data on Glo

Unshare Data on Glo

In most people Global Network, GLO SIM card, they are still using the default GLO tariff plans and many GLO users do not have an idea that they can migrate and change their plan according to their preference.

All Networks in Nigeria have made the Migration of data plan possible as we speak but in this article, we’ll be studying strictly on GLO tariff plan and how to migrate to your preferred choice using their various USSD Code.

Why Should I Migrate to Another Tariff Plan?

GLO users usually migrate to a tariff plan if their current plan does not fit their purpose.

For example, if you make more calls and don’t load data plans too often on your GLO SIM then you might consider migrating to a plan that is suitable for making calls at low costs, e.g. GLO 22X plan or 11 KOBO plan.

How to Migrate to GLO Tariff Plans

Using GLO General Code

Most GLO users should know GLO general code which is suited for all transactions and every single thing that you want to do on the GLO SIM NETWORK.

The magic code is *777# and it performs many functions.

So how do we use the code *777# to migrate?

Step 1

Dial the USSD code, *777# using your GLO SIM card network.

Step 2

Press 4 to Navigate to the Tariff plan.

Step 3

Press 6 to See the Tariff plans.

Step 4

Choose your preferred plan.

You should note that GLO currently has only four tariff plans that their users/customers are entitled to use by migrating to it.

Let us take a look at the different plans that are available for GLO users, their benefits and how to migrate to each of the plans without using the general USSD code.

Lists of GLO Tariff Plans

  1. Glo Berekete
  3. 22X PLAN

Glo Berekete

Glo berekete is the first and default plan for all new GLO users although old GLO users might have been migrated to the plan automatically.

If you just bought a GLO sim and you have not migrated before, that is the plan you are currently on.

Benefits of GLO BEREKETE

By migrating to the berekete plan, you’ll have access to enjoy 700% bonus on your calls to any Network and access to free data on every recharge that you make.

How to Migrate to GLO BEREKETE

  1. Dial *777#
  2. Press 4
  3. Press 6
  4. Press 1


GLO 11KOBOPLAN is one of the most affordable plan on GLO with a benefit of calling at 11k/sec.

How to Migrate to 11KOBOPLAN

To migrate, you can use the general code *777# or simply dial *311# to Migrate.


By Migrating to this plan, you will enjoy 22 times any card you recharge and you can use the bonus to call all networks, text, chat and browse.

How to Migrate to 22X Plan

To migrate, use the same method as the GLO BEREKETE or dial the USSD code, *777#.


Migrate to this plan and enjoy a call rate of 11kobo per second when you call a GLO network and 18kobo per second when you call other networks. You’ll also be charges N4 per 1 SMS inclusive of VAT.

How to Migrate to 22X Plan

To migrate, simply dial *211# and follow the prompts.

Best Glo Tariff Plan for Data

The best tariff plan for data on GLO is the GLO berekete plan and it is now the most currently used plan since it was launched.

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