February 15, 2024
Ezoic WordPress Hosting Review

Ezoic WordPress Hosting Review

Ezoic is a technology platform that offers lots of free opportunities to website owners that have been fully approved by them. Here we’d take an expository review on Ezoic WordPress Hosting while considering the features, advantages and disadvantages.

What is Ezoic WordPress Hosting?

Ezoic WordPress Hosting is a free hosting provided by Ezoic company. It allows Ezoic monetized users to host their monetized Ezoic site for free. As stated, it is only available for sites that have been admitted into Ezoic’s monetization program.

Ezoic WordPress Hosting Review

Let’s take a review on each of Ezoic WordPress Hosting features, functionalities as well as compatibility.


According to our personal investigations and findings, blogs and websites hosted on Ezoic have about 99% uptime with a very minimal downtime. This is one out of lots of reasons why you should use Ezoic’s hosting if you are monetized with them.


It is totally free of charge and cost you no money for a lifetime. Presently, it doesn’t look like Ezoic will include any charge for the sites that they are hosting however, it might be included in a very far future.


Even as the hosting is free, it has unlimited bandwidth so more than 100,000 users can visit your site all at once. Amazing right?

PHP Version

It supports several PHP versions, from 7.1 – 8.0 to ensure maximum functionality of your site. You can also control or choose the PHP version that you will like to use on your site. It is usually recommended that you set it to the maximum available PHP version to ensure full functionality.


Ezoic servers are fast most especially when you install Ezoic’s leap app and add it to your site with proper setups. Their server response is top notch and should be used alongside the caching functionality.


Ezoic Free WordPress hosting offers unlimited storage to those who uses their services which means while using their host, you don’t have to bother about media sizes. However, you should avoid uploading large media in case you need to move to another hosting; it will incur additional costs.

Ezoic has developed features to help you minimize the resources that your site uses; the Leap, Flickify and Humix.


Sites hosted on Ezoic’s server will experience an extra level of security compared to those that are just NameServer or CloudFlare integrated. They will be a less probability of data breach and other attacks on servers.

Advantages of Ezoic WordPress Hosting

  1. Good server response time
  2. Your site will be fast.
  3. It provides access to PHPMyAdmin.
  4. It is free.
  5. Less downtime.

Disadvantages of Ezoic WordPress Hosting

Ezoic WordPress hosting also has disadvantages but we can tackle them using some methods dispersed on this blog, keep on reading and we’ll show you how to tackle problems faced with Ezoic hosting. Below are few disadvantages:

  1. No CPanel.
  2. No easy access to your Sites File Manager.
  3. Fear of lack of control.
  4. Lack of ad network flexibility.
  5. No subdomain.

If you use Ezoic’s hosting and still want to use a subdomain, you can read our article on How to Create a Subdomain while using Ezoic Hosting. We’ve tackled on of the problem faced with Ezoic hosting in that article. The next problem we’ll want to tackle is that of File Manager.

How Does Ezoic Gain from Their Free WordPress Hosting?

When you host your site on Ezoic, they will be getting their own share of revenue from your Ads; even when you are not hosted with them. They will also have more control over your site and be able to help you manage your site better.

The Free WordPress hosting is also a method to bring and attract more users to use their services and monetize their website with them.

How to Get Ezoic Free WordPress Hosting

To get Ezoic Hosting at no cost, you must follow the steps below as earlier discussed:

1. Apply for Ezoic Monetization Program.

The first step to take when trying to host your site on Ezoic Free WordPress Hosting, you will have to first apply for their monetization program.

2. Carry Out Necessary Setups.

After submitting your site for approval, you will be given several setups which must be carried out on your site. The setups include:

  • Fill all necessary account information.
  • Integrate Your Site
  • Setup Ad Testing
  • Setup Ezoic Leap

For more information on the steps, visit our Ezoic Review guide.

3. Integrate Your Site

For you to be given access to Ezoic WordPress Hosting, your site will have to be integrated to Ezoic via Nameserver or CloudFlare. If you use the other two options (Ezoic Plugin and Placeholder integration), you will not be able to use Ezoic hosting.

You can read our guide to learn how to integrate your site to Ezoic properly and with no or less downtime.

4. Get Approved

The next step after applying for their monetization program, setting up your site and integrating it with Ezoic is to get approved. To get approved, you can follow our tips and guideline on getting Ezoic’s approval. You’ll also have to be MCM approved (both site and account must be approved on Google Ad Manager).

Note that it takes 3 days to a month to be fully approved by both Ezoic and Google Ad Manager. About 2 weeks for Ezoic and the same for Google Ad Manager however, some publishers get approval by the two platforms within less than a week.

5. Move to Ezoic Hosting

After completing all the steps listed above, you can now navigate to the settings section in the Menu bar located at the top right corner of the Ezoic dashboard.
You should see that you are integrated, if so, tap the sub-menu located at the top-right corner of the screen then tap hosting.

There are 2 methods of moving to Ezoic hosting which is to transfer your current site or create a new WordPress site then move your information there (manual method).

For you to use the site transfer method, you will need your SFTP credentials while for you to use the manual method, you will need to back-up your site. To move successfully, you can follow our guide on moving to Ezoic hosting. To learn more about the different methods of hosting, you can click here.


Ezoic hosting is recommended for everyone but if you have the resources to stay on your normal hosting that is secured and free from regular downtimes, you can stay on your host. In case you need to know when your site is down, you can install Jetpack WordPress Plugin and activate downtime monitoring in the settings.

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