February 14, 2024
CyberLink Screen Recorder 3

CyberLink Screen Recorder 3

CyberLink screen recorder 3 is a simple and all in one solution for editing, recording and streaming videos. The screen recorder has proven to be suitable for business, vloggers and gamers to capture, screenshot, record and even live-stream with screens from internal devices.

The screen recorder 3 also comes with a mini version of Power Director which can be used for some simple editing after recording your videos.

CyberLink Screen Recorder 3 Features

Let us take a look at CyberLink screen recorder features in different aspects and see how well they perform and the features they lack.

1. Record

With this feature, can choose to record full screen, choose the video resolution and frame-rate, enable or disable the recording of mouse clicks and determine the color, enable or disable webcam, switch microphone on or off.

You can also record a game, choose the resolution, frame-rate and select the gaming application that you want to run. You can lock an app so it only records the app and choose the custom recording area.

In the open library section, you can view previously recorded and saved videos. You can edit videos with the screen recorder or power director.

2. Streaming

You can connect your device directly to YouTube, Facebook or Twitch; the limitation to this is that it doesn’t support other social networks. All you have to do to start using these features is Login and authorize the app.

Additionally, you can add a title to the video, edit the privacy settings (whether the video should be live or not), choose the video resolution, frame rate, copy and share live URL and choose if the video should be saved to your device after streaming.

When using CyberLink, you don’t have to worry about your channel or account being hacked as it is totally safe and secured.

Overall Settings

Let’s get started with the preference settings of the CyberLink Screen Recorder 3 which is accessible at the top right corner of the app (it have a gear icon). With this, you can set the application to be exactly how you want it to be.

In the general settings, you can set the app to always be on top, show when streaming or recording has been completed, minimize icon when you start recording. You can also set it to update automatically and set your preferred language for app navigation.

In the file settings, you can customize where all your videos will be saved to on your device. Additionally, you can choose the default prefix for your videos, specific name for saved screenshots and edit the default file name and file types for screenshots (jpg or png).

In the video settings section, you can choose your monitor settings, enable or disable hardware encoding, enable or disable the creation of .mrk file when recording which is recommended if you wish to edit your videos using the inbuilt power director. Lastly, in this video section you can set it to record only one application or window and set your preferred video quality by sliding the Bitrate level which will also determine the video size.

In the audio setting section, you can choose to turn your microphone or system audio on or off and also determine the level at which they operate using the slider. You can also change the microphone or input device that you want to use and the hardware volume.

In the webcam setting, you can change the device and increase the size of your PIP video; the video that shows you in a little corner, you can also drag it to where you want it to be.

In the hotkeys settings, you can customize the keyboard shortcuts for your app, you can set start/stop, pause/resume, mic on/off, webcam on/off and screenshot. This will make your actions and activities on the app faster.

Lastly, on the CyberLink screen recorder improvement program settings, you can opt in/out of the program to make it better for you and other users.

CyberLink Screen Recorder Review – Is it Good or Bad

Cyberlink recorder is definitely good especially for those that want to level up from free recording and live streaming apps that have little features.

You can purchase the app easily and the app platform is easy to use and navigate.


The normal price for the app is $49.99 from its official store but each black-friday the price is lowered to $34.99.

To purchase at a cheaper rate and from the official store, visit CyberLink official and place your order.

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