February 14, 2024
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Ever wondered why people buy and sell old social media accounts? Are you thinking of getting one for yourself? Have you tried running ads and your ads account gets rejected, blocked, suspended or terminated? Read more in this article.

It is a well-known an established fact among social media advertisers that a new social media ads account will get banned for unknown reasons. This led to the popular method of purchasing and old social media account.

This has now been practiced for a long time by scammers, attackers and business owners.

Scammers and attackers are using the opportunity to disguise as advertisers and cause some issues.

These fraudsters tend to purchase old social media accounts for the purpose of scamming old and vulnerable friends or discover some personal information for bad reasons.

Reasons Why People Buy and Sell Old Social Media Accounts

1. It is used for running Ads smoothly

As earlier stated, social media accounts are usually preferred to be used when running Ads.

The older the account, the older the Ads account, the smoother the process of running Ads and the higher probability of the Ads getting approved.

This ensures that the money for Ads is not wasted and the Ads account is not closed or suspended.

2. It is used as disguise for fraud

Scammers, Fraudsters and attackers constantly purchase social media accounts mostly Facebook to find their next victim that is easy to catch.

Meanwhile, their normal account might have been banned or they might be using a different identity and might even gain trust.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is it safe to sell your social media account?

No. It is not safe.

This could implicate you and your old friends and Facebook AI might think that you are still the person that is operating the account.

If your social media account falls into the wrong hands, you may even be arrested for a crime you didn’t commit or know about.

What can these old social media accounts do that the new ones cannot?

The old accounts can run ads successfully without the media suspending or suspecting their ads and the account due to their advertising terms.

Most social medias, support only old accounts for advertising just like the Facebook media.

These days, businesses purchase these accounts to run ads that promotes their organization and business.

How much can an account go for?

$1 – $15 .

If you are willing to risk it and take chances. However, the price is dependent on how old the account is, the number of followers and absence of policy violation.

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