How To Create A Subdomain While Using Ezoic Free Wordpress Hosting
How To Create a Subdomain While Using Ezoic Free WordPress Hosting

How To Create a Subdomain While Using Ezoic Free WordPress Hosting


Are you using Ezoic free WordPress hosting or you are planning to move to it but still having a second thought due to the supposed limitations on Ezoic Hosting? What if I tell you that there is a way to create a subdomain even while using Ezoic and without using any third party tool or plugin? You’d be happy right?

In this article, we’ll look at how to create a subdomain while using Ezoic for free WordPress hosting. Well, as the title of this post implies, this method only works for WordPress users and you should note that Ezoic only host WordPress sites.

Note that the method in this article works best for sites hosted on Ezoic.

Reasons for Creating Subdomain on WordPress

There are lots of reasons why you might want to create a subdomain on WordPress but it depends on your motive, let’s look at few general reasons.

  1. To handle multiple niches: Some webmasters like to stick to one main niche for example, technology but when they want to go into let’s say entertainment niche without having to build from scratch (Domain Authority, Audience etc.) or create another site which will cost money, they simply create a subdomain.
  2. To handle subniches: Yes, subdomains can also be used to handle sub-niches just like the case of multiple niches. You can also use it to host for example, a shop or forum section of your site.

How To Create a Subdomain While Using Ezoic Free WordPress Hosting

1. Login to your Ezoic Dashboard.

Log in to your Ezoic dashboard by copying and pasting this URL "". Ensure that the account contains your already Ezoic Integrated site (Cloudflare or Nameserver Integration to be Precise).

If your desired site is not selected, kindly select it before continuing with the below process.

2. Click on the settings tab.

Screenshot 2023 05 28 175157

Click on the settings menu tab which is the last item on the menu with a settings (gear) icon.

3. Confirm that the site is integrated.

Screenshot 2023 05 28 171109

Scroll down and check if it shows integrated. If it does, you are free to continue with the next step. If it doesn't please use a site that is already cloud or nameserver integrated or integrate your current site.

4. Click on DNS.


Click on DNS which is found at the left menu bar as shown in the image.

5. Tap on Add DNS Record.

Tap on add DNS record to set up the subdomain link.

6. Select CNAmE as the DNS Record Type.

Screenshot 2023 05 28 172343

Click on the dropdown and select CNAME as the DNS Record Type. The other records will not work as intended to so ensure you select CNAME properly.

8. Type your domain name as the value.

Simply input your domain name without "www", "http" or "https" in the value section. In our case, we'll type "".

9. Select Time To Live (TTL) value.

Select your TTL value, You can select either 90 seconds or 5 mins. We'll recommend 5 mins since it is usually the default but in our case, we'll set it to be 90 seconds.

10. Tap Add DNS Record.

Screenshot 2023 05 28 172407

Click the Add DNS record button which is green. After you can scroll down and ensure that the DNS record is showing.

11. Login to your WordPress Site admin dashboard.

Login to your site admin dashboard. You must be have administrative privileges on the site to do this.

12. At the top bar navigate to the network site menu.

Screenshot 2023 05 28 173218

Simply move your cursor on top of the icon with My SIte >> Network Admin >> Sites.

13. Click Add New.


To add your new subdomain, click add new.

14. Fill in the required details.

Fill in the subdomain path (site address) which you typed in your Ezoic settings. In our case, we'll fill in "example" as shown in the picture. Fill in your preferred site title.

Set the language to be what you want preferably US and then fill in the admin email. Note that you should have access to the email or a trusted person you know should have access to the email. Although you can still access the subdomain dashboard as the overall site admin.

15. Confirm the details and tap "Add Site".

Sometimes, you don’t have to go through the whole stress, you can just create the subdomain from “Step 11” and Ezoic will do the rest for you.


Creating s subdomain while using Ezoic hosting is quite easy however, you might think it is hard when you don’t know anything about it. If you have finished reading this article, you should have a broad idea on how to create a subdomain while using Ezoic free WordPress Hosting. If you want to learn how to create a WordPress Multisite, read our article – How to Create a WordPress Multisite.

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