Ediomo Effiong | Ediomo Emma Effiong | Covenant Effiong
Ediomo Effiong | Ediomo Emma Effiong | Covenant Effiong

Ediomo Effiong Biography and Career

Ediomo Effiong is the Founder of Cyber Tech Arena. He is a Nigerian Blogger, Student, Programmer, Graphic designer, Ghost Writer, Content Writer, SEO Writer and editor.

He has passion for writing and blogging led him to create his own blog to reach a wider audience and provide better information.


Full Name: Effiong Ediomo Emma

Age: 16 Years

Nickname: Covenant

Profession: Student, Blogger, Writer and Programmer

Hobbies: Blogging, Programming and Writing

Favourite Color: Blue

Blog: Cyber Tech Arena

Nationality: Nigeria

Hometown: Akwa Ibom state

Other names: Covenant (Covenant Effiong)

Early Life

Ediomo Effiong was born on July 30, 2006, out of his hometown – Ikosi, Ketu, Lagos state, Nigeria.

He is single.

While he was little, he attended primary and secondary schools there.

Net Worth

Ediomo Effiong net worth has not yet been releases to the general public although it is believed that he has not started earning from his blog.

Meanwhile, he is currently earning from his writing skill and still offer job to other professionals in the field.

He owns several Facebook groups with large audience and currently looking forward to monetize his blog.

Marital Status

As said before, he is single and still very young.

He is just 16 years of age.


Blogging Career

Ediomo Effiong started learning how to blog in 2019, his first blog was Gratifying Panorama Tec.

Ediomo Effiong blogged throughout 2019 to early 2020 on using a blogspot domain extension before migrating to a .xyz domain extension late 2020 to early 2021.

Still in 2021 till 2022, he began writing and contributing contents on Smart Tech Villas for several months, his status as a writer on the blog is not yet confirmed.

On August 19, 2022, he created and published this blog, Cyber Tech Arena and has been managing it alongside another content writer till date.

He currently handles everything including the design and Search Engine Optimization of the blog.

Writing Career

Everyone needs multiple skills and need to do a lot of thing to sponsor their other goals. Covenant Effiong has written for a lots of blogs as a content writer, ghost writer and SEO writer.

If you need his service as a writer, feel free to reach out to him through his direct email ediomoemmaeffiong@gmail.com.

He applies his knowledge of SEO while writing for you so you’ll stand a higher chance of ranking in the SERPs.

Blogs / Websites

Ediomo Emma Effiong only has one active blog, Cyber Tech Arena. His previous blog, Gratifying Panorama Tec has been discontinued due to some certain undisclosed reasons.

Although, he owns other blogs which are simply .blogspot blogs, he has not disclosed them probably because they are unprofessional.

Social Handles

You can find Ediomo Effiong on his social Handles

Facebook – Profile

Instagram – Profile

LinkedIn – Profile

Blog – Cyber Tech Arena

Meanwhile, he also owns a Facebook group with his blog name of over 20,000 members and other groups.

Ediomo Effiong - Covenant
• Blogger • Programmer • Web designer • Content writer • SEO Writer • Freelancer
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