February 14, 2024
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Are your blog posts not indexing on Google? Have you tried submitting it to Google and the issue still persists? Read more about it in this article.

Lots of bloggers have experienced the issue of “Blog Posts Not Indexing” issue which has caused a decrease in blog traffic and has been a huge source of discouragement.

If you have the same issue, worry no more. At the end of this article, you should have mastered the methods of troubleshooting and preventing the issue.

You should keep it in mind that indexing occurs only when a blog is discovered, crawled and then indexed; if the post or page does not have any issue or does not violate Google policies. Let’s move on the troubleshooting methods.

How Does a Blog Post Gets Indexed?

  • The post is submitted to Google for indexing.
  • Google discovers the post through submission or from the sitemap.
  • Google Spider crawls the posts and check if it can be indexed or goes against Google’s policy.
  • The post is indexed afterwards if the site is accessible by the crawler and meet the requirements.
  • After a while, the post shows up on Google. This might take a while.

Reasons for Posts Not Indexing

  • Invalid or no SSL Certificate
  • Violation of Google’s policy
  • A preferred canonical URL is available for indexing
  • New site
  • Post is password protected
  • Post is marked “no index”
  • Google Crawler IP has been blocked or blacklisted
  • Submitted URL is invalid
  • Server is down and unavailable

How to Resolve “Blog Posts Not Indexing” Error?

  • Ensure the post URL is valid
  • Ensure your server is not down and it’s available
  • Ensure the post is not password protected
  • Submit all your sitemaps to Google
  • Ensure you have a valid SSL certificate
  • Ensure your post is not less than 200 words
  • Structure your contents well using subheadings
  • Insert table of contents for long articles
  • Resubmit post to Google Search Console
  • Install and Setup Rank Math Instant Indexing Plugin
  • Submit your post via the instant indexing plugin
  • Wait for some hours and check the index status via Google Search console
  • Ensure you submit the https version because Google prefers it to http.
  • You should exercise patience after submitting your post to Google as submitting it multiple times won’t make indexing faster or increase its priority.
  • Link indexed post to the posts that are not indexed.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Must I submit my posts to Google Before It Gets Indexed?


It is not necessary to submit your posts to Google. It is advised that you submit your sitemap to Google in order for Google to crawl your site and its content efficiently.

Your sitemap should be well-structured and you are advised to install and activate a good SEO plugin.

However, to get your posts indexed faster, it is better that you submit your post via Google Search Console or automatic methods of submission.

My Post is Indexed but I Can’t Find It On Google Search (SERPS) – Solution

Have you submitted your post to Google Search Console and it is still not showing up on Google? Is the status showing green and indexed?

The reason for this might be that either your post is in the 100th page or it didn’t rank high.

What I mean by 100th page is that the post is so low that Google has already gotten it filtered.

You should know by now that Google won’t show all the posts results so you’ll need to rank higher to be seen and get more traffic.

Not still convinced? You can try submitting the post to Google for indexing again or you can try using Rank Math Instant Indexing Plugin.


Indexing your posts on Google is one thing and making the post rank is another thing. Without ranking, you will not get traffic, that’s why you should click the text below to learn how to rank higher.

How to Rank Higher on Google – Steps and Procedures

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