February 15, 2024
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It has been debated throughout the years that organic traffic is the best and safest type of traffic so yes, Search Engine Optimization is the best method of driving traffic to your site.

What are the other methods and how can you apply them safely? Here, we’d talk about the best way to buy traffic for your site safely and from any ads provider.

First of all, why do you need to buy traffic to your site? Well, the way Google updates are going, it is likely to not favor lots of webmasters’ even those that claim to be SEO Gurus.

We all know that no person will like to wait for years to start seeing tangible results on that your new blog and then it gets hits by Google updates and you start trying to bounce back. When you could just learn how to run ads in the right way.

What many bloggers and webmasters fail to understand is that in most cases, it is not where to buy traffic that is the problem, the source of the traffic isn’t. It is most likely, the quality of the traffic.

This is my point, the quality of a traffic even when it is organic all depends on the bounce rate which then depends on visitors’ engagement and interaction on the site; this further depends on numbers of factors like site speed, website design, ads placement, content quality, call to action and internal linking.

Best Way to Buy Traffic for Your Site

To buy profitable traffic for your site, you need to ensure that the traffic is a quality one by following each of the steps below.

Target a specific audience.

Targeting a specific audience could help a lot as many ads network has presently included lots of targeting features. You can now target audience based on their interests and activities unlike in the past.

Ensure to target audience who are interested in your niche or what your post talks about. You can target audience by using the ad provider features and if it’s a blog you want to place your link or ad directly, ensure that you are both in the same niche.

Avoid using click-baits.

Avoid using click-baits that over promises what is in your site content. Your visitors might hate that you tricked them and once they notice, they will leave the page since it doesn’t have the information they expected.

Sometimes, click-baits might help but you should not overdo it as that can also spoil the reputation of your brand.

Ensure you have a good site design.

Having a good site design and content structure can help visitors to navigate easily, get the information they need and find other posts that they might actually want to read.

Having a good site design means that your site will be fast, easily accessible, have SSL and have good contents with inter-links.


  1. Prevention of ads limits.
  2. Prevention of account ban.
  3. Brings valid and quality traffic.
  4. Reduced bounce rate.
  5. Increase in revenue.
  6. Increase in traffic.
  7. Increase in site / brand exposure to the public.


If you follow those 4 steps, your traffic might experience more than 70% of improvement and your earnings might get higher however, the cost of running such ads are expensive and may not give much ROI which is why paid traffic is usually not advised.

If you don’t have enough cash to run ads, you can still drive a reasonable amount of quality traffic using the above tips. Note that the information in this article applies to all types of traffic including organic.

We’ll keep updating this article as we get new tips.

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