February 14, 2024


Cyber Tech Arena is a technology blog that was founded, created, and managed by Ediomo Effiong also known known as Covenant on August 19th, 2022.

What We Offer

Cyber Tech Arena is aimed at providing its users, viewers, and readers with unique, amazing, and mind-blowing content on business updates, Technology brands blogging tips, and reviews on technology-related companies.

The various categories we offer are:

  • Updates
  • Reviews
  • Blogging
  • Tips
  • Gadgets
  • How-tos
  • Business
  • Telecoms
  • Programming
  • Information
  • Career
  • Statistics
  • Application
  • Finance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Vlogging

About the Founder

Ediomo Effiong popularly known as Covenant is a prominent blogger, programmer, web designer, content and SEO creator, and freelancer.

He focuses solely on Technology related aspects and is interested in making a change in the world of tech.

Covenant created this blog with the sole aim of impacting lives through technology by providing rich and unique content that will change the world.

The blog is also aimed at providing users with infinite libraries of technology-related content.

Anything you need on tech will be made available on this blog in the nearest feature as we are regularly updating it with content that is tailored just for you.

Features – What Makes Us Different

Unique and Relevant Search Results

Users can easily search for results, questions, answers, and queries using our search icon which is available to both desktop and phone users. With this feature, you can get relevant answers through articles on our site.

The feature will be available fully in the Month of January when we start launching fully related articles.

Rich and Unique Content

Here at Cyber Tech Arena, our authors focus on providing plagiarism-free content that are rich in information and problem-solving with practical illustrations where needed.

Fast Loading

We are working hard as well as we can to make our site faster for a better user experience. If you find this site slow, kindly reach out to us at support@cybertecharena.com.

If any of the features listed here are not found on your device, kindly reach out to us as quickly as possible using the email provided below. If you also need extra information on any post or want us to add a new post, reach out to us also, we are happy to help.